Memories of Pete Franklyn

The Banbury Chestnuts

Bowling Club Memories of Peter Franklyn


Fond Memories


Peter Franklyn enjoyed bowls to such an extent that he would re-live the game with his wife Pauline once he got home after a match.

He would replay the game using whatever he could find to hand ( usually salt and pepper pots) to show the position of his bowls against the opposition and how he escaped from losing a match.

Pauline enjoyed his recollections as she knew how much he loved playing the game as well as taking part in the runnning of Chestnuts Bowls Club.


Peter was captain of the Chestnuts in 1977 and 1982 , he was also very proud to have played for the County on numerous occasions, he was loved by all, mainly due to his good nature and insistence on fair play and sportsmanship.


He had a habit of whistling whilst playing bowls as a means of concentration and this earned him the nickname "Whistler".


Peter was a very successful bowler, winning nearly all of the major singles trophy's at the Chestnuts. It was only the Jubilee Cup that eluded him ( not for want of trying and being

in the final on one or more occations.)


It was with great sadness that Peter passed away in 1999 and Pauline asked if the Chestnuts would allow for a

competion to be run in his memory. Consequently the Peter Franklyn Memorial was born and the Chestnuts

ran the first competition in August 2000. The competition is so well supported that there is a reserve list

and 96 players travel from at least 5 different counties to take part.


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